This is one of the most important moment for the Cuban history. The relationships between USA and Cuba are finally opening after over 60 years.

The tourism is expected to grow by 40% in 2016, thanks to the Americans who can finally visit the Caribbean island. Cuba is now not just one of the major tourism destination, but also a land of opportunities for different types of businesses.

Many friends asked us tips and tricks about their travel to Cuba, but also about business opportunities. Real estate is of course one of the hot topic.

That’s why we would like to help you with advices and suggestions in case you are looking for business opportunities in Cuba.

Here’s how we can help you:

  • We can give you a Skype (first 15 mins for free) consultancy about travel, rentals, real estate and business opportunities 
  • We can help you find houses and apartments for sale 
  • We can help you with legal and assistance and attorneys
  • Help you discover and find new business opportunities in retail and hospitality (hotels and restaurants) 
  • Help you with fashion, photography, tv and cinema productions


Investing in Cuba right now might be one of the most profitable investment ever made

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