How to rent a car in Havana and enjoy Cuba

3 July 2016
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how to rent a car in Havana

Hello! In this post I want to show you how to rent a car in Havana and have a safe experience in this amazing city.

Cuba is a hot travel location right now (especially if you are American 🙂

If it’s the first time you are traveling to Cuba you probably have a million of questions and things you want to know before jumping on your airplane. That’s why you have this blog!

Are you ready? Let’s start!

Rent a car in Havana: the city

Havana is a large city divided in four main areas: Vedado, Old Havana, Miramar and Centro Havana.

Especially if you are visiting the Old part of the city (which is the most fascinating and touristic one) you will have some trouble moving with a car. Most of the area is pedestrian only and there are not many parking.

Also, there aren’t many rent a car in Cuba and the prices are definitely high. Furthermore the Old City is pretty chaotic and driving in the city might be a little tricky especially during the night time.

How to rent a car in Havana: the solution

how to rent a car in Havana

Since I think you don’t want to make your stay in Havana a problem the best solution I personally recommend is to have a private driver driving you around the city. It’s not that expensive and you don’t need to care about traffic and other dangers.

Usually to have a private driver for the entire day in Havana is about $100 (CUC, local currency). I have different contacts so I can help you to book a driver if you need one (check the bottom of the page)

Plus, often times, the driver can give you some precious tips to help you discover amazing places. If you arrive at the Havana airport

That said, you can hire a private taxi driver with a classic car (almendron) who will drive you around the city of Havana for a tour or for the entire day if you plan to have an excursion in Vinales or Varadero


Despite renting a car might be the best solution if you want to have a trip across the island, it is absolutely better for you if you move with touristic buses or with a private taxi as I’ve previously stated.

If you need help to book a car just click on the link below and you’ll be able to book your car in Havana.

=> Click here to book a car

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