How to go from Old Havana to the beach?

20 May 2019
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Welcome to a new post on Cuba2Day! Today we are going to share some tips about how you can go from Old Havana to the beach.

Havana with all its audacity and grandeur is a startling attraction for the tourists and the venturesome travelers like you. The atmosphere and the aura of this stunning city serve as a magnet to Cuba. The artistic and historical significance of Havana is quite appealing as well. There is so much for you to explore at Havana and keep your adventurous side satisfied. It is a loveable ride in the city of Havana as you get to vividly experience this amazing city.

But when the hustle and bustle of the city become too much for you, you can enjoy a day inhaling and absorbing the sea breeze at the beach and get the serenity and calmness of the view for a quick refreshment.

Your desire to relish bathing in the sun and swimming in the ocean will get fulfilled at Havana. There are many such spots located near the city. One such spot is The turquoise Playas del Este beach, which is a short ride of approximately 20 minutes from Havana city. 

Situated on the east side, this beautiful beach is both swimmable and alluring. But the question arises here that How to get from Old Havana to the beach? 

Do not worry because this guide is going to help you through the experience and help you get to Havana beach. So, you may soothe and calm your senses on the beachy atmosphere of Playa del Este.

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How to go to Playa del Este from Old Havana?

Well, there would be two options for you to choose between, you may opt for the best suitable one. The first one would be to take a cab for your aimed destination from Old Havana.

You can easily get a cab in front of the train station near El Guajirito restaurant. A collective for locals is the most inexpensive choice which costs only $1 per seat. But here is a tip. The drivers are restricted to transport foreigners, hence they charge extra money to people from abroad. To save yourself from the extra expenses, you just have to follow these steps:

How to get to Playa del Este from Old Havana:

1. Get to the train station, and ask someone where to get a cab from.

2. Say “un taxi a Marazul”.

3. You can either decide to get a collective cab or one just for you. If you drive with other people it will cost you around 5 Cuc. 

4. Pay around 15/20 CUC on the arrival of your destination.

5. And you are done!

You can easily get to Playa del Este from Old Havana by following these steps. Or else you have an alternative option to reach your needed destination.

The other alternative is the bus ride. Taking the T3 bus ride which has a scheduled time of departing from Central Park after every 40 minutes can be your other call to get to the beach. It will cost you 5 CUC together with the return ticket for that bus ride. You need to purchase the ticket directly while embarking the bus. 

If you have no money concerns and would want a rather comfy and private visit, you can book a private taxi to Playa del Este in 50 CUC. You will get a private taxi for four hours at this price. Have fun at the beach and make beautiful and sunny memories on the Playa del Este with the help of this guide. Now hit the beach and swim in the ocean!

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What’s More?

After following the ‘How to go to Playa del Este from Old Havana’ steps, when you reach Playa del Este, there is so much you can do. Well, the bathing in the sun idea which also includes swimming in the ocean persists. But to add to the beach fun and exhilarate you on your trip, there is more. On the beach, all the ecstatic swimming and stuff may get you tired and hungry. So, to help you feed yourself up there are arrangements at the beach for your convenience.

There are people at the beach selling tropical fruits. Hotel staff is also there to serve beverages, and food, to people who have rented lounge chairs or shade umbrellas. The goods that you will purchase there will cost you a little higher than usual but it is still quite affordable. There is a food store as well, which is open in the daytime, in which you can have a satisfying meal or you can try out the food stalls around. The food kiosks do not have a scheduled timing.

As a precaution, you should keep some snacks and food in your backpack. And, Bon Appetit fellas. Moreover, your stressed muscles and weariness can vanish with a massage offered to you by professional therapists at the beach. Yes, you heard it right. This is all one could wish for to have a great time and fun at the beach.

Food, massage, the calming sea sight, and the exotic sunny ambiance at Playas del Este is totally the kind of thing you might have been wishing for.

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Heads up Fellas!

Your plan to relax at the beach will get fulfilled at Playas del Este. If you are visiting the beach on a weekend, then be ready to meet a crowd.

And so, you must prepare yourself to handle unpleasant situations too. Cuban people are generally friendly and frank. But if you are visiting Havana beach for the first time, you must beware of the scammers to avoid any mishap.

Some scamming events have been recorded by other travelers. It is to notify you of such a scenario and provide some short tips for your safety. Even at the beach, it is preferable that you have someone to accompany you. Or if you are a solo traveler, you should carry less stuff with you around and keep an eye on your belongings. These tips will surely help you out on your exhilarating trip to Havana beach. Hope you have a great time there.

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