How can you connect to internet in Cuba?

21 May 2015
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How can you connect to internet in Cuba

Internet connection should not be your primary need in a relaxing vacation in Cuba but I understand that you might need it to keep your communication alive with home!

So you may be wondering: How can I connect to internet in Cuba?

Well, in this post I’ll give you some options.

Wifi and internet connection

First of all I have a bad news: it’s not so easy¬†connecting to internet. In the country, just 5% of population have access to the open internet and also for tourist is not so easy as you can imagine.

If you are staying in a good hotel in Havana there’s wifi but usually you have to pay it separately. Depending on the hotel you will pay around 10 CUC (dollars) per hour. Sometimes you can find it cheaper, like $8, but usually these are the average prices.

Data connection

If you are thinking to solve the problem with a roaming data plan you are wrong. Right now, if you are american, it’s not possible for you to use your 3G.

Last time I went there I used an European SIM card with a roaming data plan but 3G connectivity was available just in the main areas of Havana but in most of other places wasn’t working properly (gprs, edge)

Also, you cannot buy a local SIM card. Just Cubans can buy it.

Solution for an internet connection

If you are going to stay in a hotel it won’t be a problem. You can use the wifi connection and, if they don’t have it, you can ask for the closest place where you can find it.

Also, consider that things are changing quickly in the last months and USA companies are already discussing potential partnership with the Cuban national telco company ETECSA.

Another recent news is that a famous Cuban artist, Kcho, is offering free wifi. So if you’re passing by his boutique you can connect for free.


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