Havana like a local: a guide to Havana

12 April 2017
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Hello! Today we are pretty excited here at Cuba2Day!

In fact, we are launching a guide to Havana called “Havana like a local”

What is Havana Like a Local?

It’s a ,mini-guide (a handy downloadable PDF) with tips and tricks to discover Havana like a local.

We have put together a mix of content of the blog combined with advice and list of the places we strongly recommend you to visit if you are going to Cuba for the first time and even if you are a frequent traveller.

In fact, this 39 page guide, has a cheat sheet included with a list of places, restaurants, shops, bar and services you can enjoy in Havana

Why a guide of Havana

Despite there are so many travel guides out there, we have decided to create a short list and easy to read guide to explore Havana like a local.

We recommend bringing your Lonely Planet with you together with our “Havana Like A Local”

=> You can buy it for only $7 here

Plus the guide will be frequently updated. You just need to save your link and we will update the guide in cloud time by time.

I’m traveling to Havana at least a couple of times a year and after so many years I’ve decided to put together the tips and advice you need to go if you are traveling for the first time.

My wife was born and raised in Havana so we really know how to travel like a local 🙂

Explore Havana Like A Local

Many travel guides give you a lot of useful information but they usually suggest you the “mainstream” places where million of other people are going.

Plus, if you are going to stay in Havana only a couple of days you need to know exactly the best places to visit and save time.

Following our experience, on average, a tourist spend between 2/4 days in Havana before heading to other popular destinations in Cuba, such as Varadero or Cayo Largo.

To be honest, I’d recommend to spend at least a week in Havana so you can enjoy, relax and feel every single places you are visiting.

I have shared different blog posts on this blog about the best places to visit in Havana, the best season for traveling to Cuba (please consider it especially in Havana)

In the “Havana Like a Local” doc I will also share with you the best places to stay.

If you are going to visit Havana I strongly recommend you to stay in Old Havana. You will be able to walk around the city and the main attractions are all walking distance.

Check out our apartments and see if they might be interesting for you. We also have a special deal if you are AirBnB first time users.

Travel Guide in Havana: Tips

Old Havana, which is the most attractive part of Havana and probably in the entire world, is very walkable since most of it is close to traffic.

Based on where you hotel or casa particular is, you can easily reach the main attractions, like the main squares. I spent hours in Old Havana walking all over the city and discovering many corners.

These are some tips if you want to explore the city:

  • Always bring with you a bottle of water (the humidity is often high)
  • Bring a paper-map: most of the times internet is not working.
  • Bring always some cash with you in local currency (credit cards are not working)
  • Don’t get a cab to go everywhere: If you can walk to a place it’s better. Taxi drivers are asking a crazy amount of money for a few miles you can easily shortcut walking.
  • If you want to connect to the internet see the hotspots available across the city or where you see a big group of people together 🙂
  • You can buy only up to 3 internet cards at the same time (but if you buy them from resellers on the streets you can buy more, for a higher price)
  • Be sure to buy some souvenirs at the port manufacturer shop. It’s the best place 🙂

Also, if you want to have an overview of Havana in a single day we can help you with a tour of the city with a classic car (yes rooftop and amazing as the one you are used to see in Cuba :))

Inside the guide “Havana Like A Local” you will also find a coupon of $10 if you want to book a tour with us.

=> See the tours here


Havana Like A Local: the guide

Well! Below is the link to the mini guide (You can get it now for a limited time offer for only $7)

I’m sure you will get several useful tips and info to make the best out of you trip to Havana 🙂


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