The best period of the year to visit Cuba (and Havana)

18 February 2017
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What is the best period of the year to visit Cuba?

Cuba is a Caribbean island and the weather is the typical tropical climate. There’s not a really bad and a perfect time to visit Cuba since each season has its own pros and cons.

High Season (Winter/Spring)

The high season is generally between December and April. Especially December, of course, is a pretty busy period. You can expect higher prices pretty much on everything and trouble to book hotels, tours or apartment.


However this is probably the best period of the year because of the weather. In fact during December and the first months of the year the weather is warm, humidity is lower and rains are not frequent.

temperatures during the nights on Dec/Jan/Feb are little lower and I recommend to bring a light jacket or a sweater.

I was in Cuba the last Christmas and New Year Eve and the temperature was amazing. Weather was great, sunny and fresh. On average you can expect between 90 and 60 degrees.

Also bring with you an umbrella because, you know, its Caribbean weather! 🙂

Low Season (Summer/fall)

The low season is generally between May and November. During the past years, because of the increasing tourism from the USA, the low season is still pretty busy.

During summer you can expect warm weather, actually pretty hot, and a higher humidity. Especially the last one will be pretty disturbing if you are planning to visit the city and walk a lot.

On the other hand the benefits are a less crowded city and less expensive.

From June through November Cuba is facing the hurricane season so you can expect more rain occurring during these months due to tropical storm.

Anyway generally this is not a huge problem. Most of the times you can just run into showers or bad weather for a few days. However this is not the best period of the year to visit to Cuba

Best period of the year to visit Cuba

So what is the best period to visit the island? I wouldn’t worry too much about the weather since it’s pretty variable but I recommend to visit the island around April/May/June


This is the period with the best balance between weather and overall cost and experience. It’s not high season so it’s cheaper and the island is less busy.

Also, if you visit Havana it will be easier for you to book an apartment and tours.


I also recommend you to read this detailed article on Wikipedia about the weather and the best time of the year to visit Cuba

So the best period of the year to visit Havana is the same. You will spend a lot of time walking and visiting attractions so the weather and the quantity of tourists in Havana matter!

The last December Havana was crazy busy. Even walking along the streets of Old Havana sometimes was difficult and the hotels were all full.

I know, Christmas is often the only period of the year where many people can have a vacation break but if you have the chance consider coming in a different period 🙂

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